45x48 Collapsible Bulk Container Lid

Structural Foam Cover

45x48 Collapsible Bulk Container Lid

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45” x 48” Collapsible Bulk Container Lid Structural Foam Cover

Nearly all foldable or collapsible bulk shipping containers are manufactured from durable, corrugated plastics for long life in service. All foldable or collapsible plastic containers offer superior security for either small or bulk items that will not ship safely using an expendable shipping solution. Models are produced to see materials from their point of origination to their final destination, typically under very difficult conditions. It is suggested a facility purchase tough polyethylene covers that are fully compatible with your 45” x 48” foldable or collapsible container, to assist stacking and keep the elements at bay.

Each structural foam lid for collapsible containers is an ideal option for bolstering the stacking and weight capacities of a plastic bulk container. These tough structural foam lids offer a reusable cover for units, keeping all inventory and materials protected from invasive materials during storage and transport. Lids are made to be reused for multiple trips through the transport and supply chain. Please make note that structural foam lids are made from a semi-porous plastic that is composed of thousands of rigid bridges in the structure.

45” x 48” collapsible or foldable bulk container lids are designed to:

  • Protect all container contents with its secure fit.
  • Nest or stack to optimize the use of available storage space.
  • Minimize the opportunity for plastic drop-doors to open at unexpected times.
  • Improve stability when you are stacking with compatible folding or collapsible containers.

To discuss the integration of 45” x 48” lids for collapsible or folding containers into your facility or attain additional information on any of our reusable packaging solutions, please contact us at 727.319.2300 or sales@reusabletranspack.com.

Collapsible Bulk Container Lid Specifications
Exterior Dimensions Length (A) 48.5"/1231.9 mm
Width (B) 45.5"/1155.7 mm
Height (c) 3.7"/94.0 mm
Interior Dimensions Length (D) 48.2"/1224.3 mm
Width (E) 45.2"/1148.1 mm
Product Clearance 1.8"/45.7 mm

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