Fork-liftable self-dumping plastic hoppers versus steel self-dumping hoppers

All self-dumping plastic fork-liftable hoppers from Sustainable Transport Packaging sport an all-welded steel tubular framework to allow fast and secure handling of big loads. Hoppers sport a seamless, molded body that is supported by the above described durable steel frame. Polyethylene hopper bodies are available in any one of fifteen color choices, to match a particular need in your facility. Fork-liftable plastic hoppers are often better than steel forklift hopper models in a number of ways many business owners do not consider.

Positive aspects found when employing self-dumping plastic hoppers:

  • Polyethylene hoppers are lighter than steel models.
  • Hoppers are easily cleaned with steam or hot water.
  • Plastic models are quieter to operate than steel units.
  • Plastic hoppers are manufactured without sharp edges.
  • Plastic self-dumping hoppers are available in a number of colors.
  • Polyethylene is not prone to damage caused by rust or corrosion.
  • Fork-liftable plastic hoppers are easier for one person to maneuver.
  • Models increase workplace efficiency, reduce labor expenses and minimize the possibility of back injuries.

Differences found when choosing to employ all-steel self-dumping hoppers:

  • All-steel self-dumping hoppers are noisy to operate.
  • Steel hoppers are produced with extended sides to minimize material scatter.
  • All-steel hopper models are heavier than and not as easy to handle as plastic models.
  • Self-dumping steel hoppers are manufactured with sharp edges that can harm workers.
  • Models with an all-steel framework are preferred for use with caustic materials or food grade applications.
  • Suggested applications include large volume scrap metal, heavy wood products, refuse and outdoor debris.

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