Why is a Collapsible Plastic Bulk Bin the Best Option to Haul and Store Cargo?

Every business has the opportunity to choose from any number of traditional bulk containers to handle, store, and haul their inventory. Each company would like to ship, access and store its cargo by using the best shipping option available. Many opt for plastic collapsible bulk bins from Sustainable Transport Packaging to securely stow, move, access and haul goods in a quick and problem-free manner.

In addition to reducing the overall expense of material handling, shipping and storage, a collapsible bulk container helps to minimize landfill waste. There are several reasons why a modern business would prefer to eliminate all wood and cardboard containers from their production and shipping model.

A few industries that have grown to find plastic bulk bins useful include:

  • Food service.
  • Automobile manufacturers.
  • Home appliance manufacturers.
  • Electronic components manufacturers.

The advantages found in using collapsible plastic bulk bins for management of cargo:
Economical shipping and storage!

The choice of shipping container can have an impact on the overall expense of handling, shipping and storing your materials. Unlike traditional bulk wood shipping containers, collapsible plastic containers offer more durability and offer problem-free maintenance. There are a number of options to decide on depending on the nature of what you intend to ship. Moreover, plastic bulk containers from Reusable Transport Packaging can be stacked and organized in a number of ways to store a lot of inventory in a confined space. Reduction in the cost of inventory management can further contribute toward curtailing operating expenses.

Durable and reusable plastic packaging!

Traditional cardboard and wood containers used in shipping are not designed to resist inclement weather or harsh conditions. Dirt and moisture will adversely affect a bulk wood shipping crate, meaning you will need to replace it on a regular basis. Polyethylene collapsible containers are manufactured from materials that weather resistant for long life in service and lasting reliability. After the reusable plastic shipping container is used to ship or store goods, all you do is clean it to prepare it for new inventory. Reuse of collapsible plastic bulk containers further aids in reducing overall material management expenses.

Materials used in collapsible plastic bin production are:

  • Impact resistant.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Designed for secure stacking.
  • Manufactured to minimize shifting in transport.

Efficient and effective material handling!

Plastic collapsible containers from Reusable Transport Packaging allow you to eliminate disposable shipping crates from your manufacturing plant. Traditional wood and cardboard are replaced with a reusable plastic solution that can make up to thousands of trips, barring unforeseen damage to the bin. Along with improving the aesthetics of your environment, the collapsible containers will allow you to store materials in a secure manner. Containers offer adequate protection to goods in a manufacturing plant, warehouse or a processing facility. Cargo security does not mean contents will be difficult to reach, collapsible plastic bins actually guarantee contents are easy for authorized personnel to access without any hassle!

Reduced waste entering local landfills!

The continual replacement of disposable wood or cardboard packing results in an ever-increasing amount of waste entering local landfills. This means use of traditional shipping mediums indirectly results in a significant increase in environmental pollution. Meanwhile, plastic bulk bins from Reusable Transport Packaging are produced from fully recyclable materials. Purchasing collapsible containers that are made from 100% recyclable materials can and will save you money. Truth be told; the bins also make it simple for your company to go green without having to put in a lot of effort. Once a plastic reaches the end of its shipping life or suffers some form of irreparable damage, it can be ground down and transformed and re-molded into a collapsible container.

Ideas to consider before making the switch to collapsible plastic bins:

Traditional wood shipping crates can be recycled or repaired in many instances, and the can hold more than plastic containers. The problem is that the containers hold moisture, splinter, harbor insects and contain nails or screws that can damage products. Durable plastic containers are clean, free of insects, weather resistant and they contain no metal fasteners.

Most traditional bins are held together by fasteners that will cause problems for fragile items in transport. If you ship a liquid product, for instance, metal fasteners may come loose and puncture one or more of the items being shipped.

Is a recyclable collapsible bin from Reusable Transport Packaging the right shipping solution for my business?

Any company with large-scale shipping and storage needs requires cost-effective shipping solutions to aid in its efficiency and profitability. It is possible to approachable as separate riddles, but a business can save a substantial amount of cash if they utilize the same product to handle both shipping and storage. Collapsible plastic containers are an ideal solution for secure storage and shipping of bulk items.