Plastic pallets are durable, quick to clean, free from pests, and they are produced in a uniform shape that is free from nails or staples. There are six main techniques used in the production of plastic pallets:

  • High pressure injection molding.
  • Structural foam molding.
  • Thermoforming using heat.
  • Compression molding.
  • Rotational molding in which a heated mold is filled with a charge of shot weight material and rotated.
  • Profile extrusion.

Choosing plastic is also typically more affordable over the length of the pallet, eco-friendly and flexible when they are compared to their wood equivalent on the market.

Plastic pallets do come with additional positive properties that should help you make the choice to switch to tough plastic pallets from Reusable Transport Packaging:

  • Plastic pallets can be produced in an optimum size to work in most conceivable applications.
  • Plastic pallets are now used by businesses that prefer to avoid the dirt and damage inflicted by ongoing use of pallets built from nails and staples.

Reusable plastic pallets are manufactured for years of use. Each plastic pallet is produced from virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), or recycled versions of the same types of plastic. HDPE and PP resins are both resistant to chemical spills and moisture and can act as an insulator for goods in certain situations. Their ultimate goal is to protect products in rough shipping environments.

Reusable plastic pallet options available through Reusable Transport Packaging include:

  • Reusable plastic pallets.
  • Plastic printing pallets.
  • Rackable plastic pallets.
  • Customizable reusable plastic pallets.
  • Durable plastic lumber pallets.
  • Composite molded plastic pallets.
  • Plastic export pallets.
  • Plastic shipping pallets.
  • Reusable plastic skids.
  • Plastic display pallets.
  • Stackable plastic pallets.
  • Nestable plastic pallets.
  • Previously used plastic skids.
  • Plastic airfreight pallets.
  • 40” x 48” reusable plastic pallets.
  • Rotationally molded plastic pallets.
  • Injection molded plastic pallets.
  • Vacuum-formed plastic pallets.

Please contact one of our Reusable Transport Packaging team members at 727-319-2300 or to discuss pallet options for your company.

Export / One Way / Single Use Pallets
Export / One Way / Single Use Pallets
Nestable Pallets
Nestable Pallets
Stackable Pallets
Stackable Pallets
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Rackable Pallets
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Specialty Pallets