Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Plastic Solutions from SustainableTransport Packaging work for me?

A methodical, well-developed reusable packaging program makes sense for most types of operations, particularly those possessing three or more of the following:

  • High part usage rates.
  • High inventory velocity.
  • A well-managed supply chain.
  • A short logistical distance in time.
  • A short logistical cycle in distance.
  • A need to implement unitization in shipping.
  • A well-managed open-loop shipping system.
  • A well-managed closed-loop shipping system.
  • Numerous components required for assembly.
  • Complicated product manufacturing processes.
  • Expected product damage rates during shipping.
  • Under-utilized trailer space during product transport.
  • Expendable corrugated cardboard material packaging.
  • High waste disposal expenses for corrugated packaging.
  • A need to improve workplace safety or ergonomic issues.
  • Products shipped to and from regional distribution centers.
  • Concerns about a clean manufacturing environment and material cleanliness.
  • Collaboration is the ultimate key to getting started with a reusable packaging program. A well-planned reusable packaging program require expertise and an understanding of the operation, the full supply chain and the trends that face the manufacturing company. Careful collaboration with an experienced reusable packaging representative from our team will ease integration.

    • The process needs to begin with a full analysis of your entire operation and supply chain to identify the material flow, the application of the packaging and packaging objectives.
    • Before a packaging decision is made, it is vital to show and prove how packaging and related support services will translate into measurable efficiency improvements.
    • After verifying the specific needs of the operation, a comprehensive packaging program is planned. The objective is to improve the supply chain in any way possible.
    • Once a reusable packaging system is planned, the containers are delivered from Reusable Transport Packaging and seamlessly integrated into the system.
    • It is important to understand it does not end there. Supply chains are dynamic, and reusable packaging programs must evolve to meet the changes.

Q: How can I check to see if a product is in stock, or check the status of an order?
A: To verify if a product is in-stock or to verify an existing order's status, simply call a customer service rep at (727) 319-2300 or send us a message using our contact form.

Q: How is the freight shipping cost calculated?
A: We work hard to get you the best freight shipping rate available. Once we know your order information we will search available freight options to find the best rate. This is done automatically if your purchase is made online. If you are working with a sale representative, they will be able to find the best rate for you.

Q: Do you charge sales tax?
A: In accordance with state tax laws we charge sales tax on all purchases delivered to the states of Florida and California.

Q: What are your payment terms?

All first time orders are paid with credit card (MasterCard, VISA, and American Express) wire transfer or certified check prior to the shipment of product. Net 30 terms are subject to review and approval by RTP. Buyer may expedite an order, while RTP/STP establishes open account status, by including payment with the order. Orders made by firms applying for credit will not be processed until RTP/STP has completed its credit review. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for full details.

Q: What is your policy on damaged shipments?

Buyer should thoroughly inspect all items for shipping damage before accepting delivery. If damage has occurred, Buyer should note the extent of the damage on the freight bill at time of delivery and call RTP/STP and the carrier immediately. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect all merchandise upon receipt and sign the delivery with damages noted. If damage is not noted, RTP/STP, the shipping factory, and carrier are absolved of any and all responsibility. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for full details.