Industrial Bulk Containers

Improving the flow of materials and products through the supply chain is an ongoing concern for manufacturers and suppliers of:

  • Appliances.
  • Durable trucks
  • Construction equipment.
  • Automotive components.

Industrial production companies understand that an effective bulk plastic packaging system can and will reduce expenses, promote sustainability and optimize the flow of goods through the supply chain.

Bulk plastic containers from Reusable Transport Packaging are available in several footprints and heights. These heavy-duty vessels are used extensively by the automotive industry and its components suppliers, as they often meet the specifications of the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). Large loads can be delivered right to the assembly line for immediate presentation, with only minimal time being devoted to unwrapping of the new shipment. Containers are available from Reusable Transport Packaging in stackable or nestable versions and solid or vented options.

Fixed wall styles are available to support heavy, dense parts. During shipping and storage of parts, fixed wall bulk containers can either stack or nest atop one another for greater shipping efficiency. These rugged bulk containers make moving, shipping and storing bulk product easier.

Collapsible bulk containers are for storage, protection of materials, work in progress and delivery throughout industries like automobile manufacturing, food, consumer electronics, aerospace, appliances, logistics and communications to name a few.

Reusable Transport Packaging offers many options when it comes to colors and drop gate configurations in our full stock of bulk containers. Drop gates offer safe and easy access to the containers for both workers who assemble products and warehouse employees.

Reusable packaging experts from Reusable Transport Packaging offer a wealth of industry, plastic bulk container and application information to assist companies in the implementation of these systems. Our team can review a single manufacturing operation or your entire supply chain to identify areas where bulk shipping containers will have a positive impact.

Advantages to choosing reusable plastic bulk containers include:

  • Containers are fully recyclable.
  • Bulk plastic containers are often aesthetically pleasing.
  • Models are manufactured from reusable/returnable materials.
  • Containers are often fabricated from high density polyethylene.
  • Containers have a longer life and require infrequent repair or replacement.
  • Plastic bulk containers eliminate expenses associated with destruction of expendable packaging.
  • Models are durable, yet light enough that they can be maneuvered by hand after being fully emptied.
  • Bulk containers increase material handling efficiency and cost control by limiting lost time and injuries.

After explaining potential savings and all benefits, our team will cultivate and implement a bulk plastic container program that will work for your production model. Professionals from Reusable Transport Packaging understand there will be new product launches, production modifications and adjusted labor practices will require ongoing adjustments to the plan.

With a collected thirty years of experience serving industrial production companies, representatives from Reusable Transport Packaging are ready to work hands-on with you to design a successful bulk plastic packaging system. Our specialists will identify your shipping and storage requirements, and implement a bulk plastic container program that fits your needs.