Recycling Program

Eco-Friendly Program - More and more companies are taking their environmental and social responsibility serious. By utilizing reusable plastic containers green minded companies are reducing the amount of landfill waste that leaves their facilities. Reusable plastic packaging container programs enable these companies to make a huge impact globally.

They are tackling this issue by introducing green reusable/sustainable plastic shipping container packaging programs which focus on the use of plastic packaging containers that are deigned for long-term reusability. These plastic distribution containers are 100% recyclable

Do you have old or damaged plastic products taking up space in your facility?

Old and damaged containers, pallets, totes, carts, are unproductive waste that takes up valuable space and can be an eyesore. They can also be a hazard to any work environment.

The best environmental solution is to recycle them into useful products. Instead of sending these containers to a landfill, which can be very costly for your company and to the environment.

Reusable Transport Packaging offers a comprehensive recycling program for the efficient recovery of this plastic material.

Reusable Transport Packaging's eco-smart program allows all of your plastic products to be recycled, to create new product and reduce material going to landfills.

We accept trade-ins, or purchase outright, your obsolete or damaged collapsible bulk containers, pallets, tote boxes, and carts.

Reusable Transport Packaging will provide a credit towards the purchase of new containers equal to the value of the material at the time of the transaction (less the freight costs).

To streamline this process we will also handle all of the shipping details from the pick-up of the broken material to the delivery of the new.

We purchase your scrap containers and turn them into refurbished products, or grind them up and re manufacture the plastic into brand new recycled items.

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By design, once plastic reusable packaging has reached the end of it's useful service life it can be fully recycled and then converted into new product.

This is the eco-smart, sustainable packaging approach!

When compared to one-time use or expendable (disposable) packaging, the re-usability and recyclablity of Plastic pallets and containers enables significant “source reduction” and cost.