Finding the Right Laundry Cart for the Job

How do I know why type of laundry cart is best for me?

A review of vinyl basket laundry carts vs. canvas basket laundry carts:
Vinyl basket laundry carts from Sustainable Transport Packaging display a number of advantages over traditional canvas laundry carts. Laundry cart models are:

  • Strong.
  • Tear resistant.

Carts are composed of replaceable, lightweight vinyl basket liners and casters, which are simple to clean on both the inside and out. Use of a vinyl basket liner ensures the unit will not stain due to either moisture or spills.

Vinyl laundry basket carts are often used for the collection of dirty laundry waiting to be laundered and clean laundry that is ready to be folded as well as a variety of other uses other than laundry. It is best to keep in mind that you will want to use a different cart for handling dirty and clean laundry. Choosing to use separate laundry carts for dirty and clean laundry allows you to avoid cleaning carts each trip to avoid cross-contamination.

Consider laundry baskets with 2 different wheel patterns on the bottom, commonly referred as "C" for corner pattern or "D" for diamond pattern. Let's look into these features and explain the uses of these different types of vinyl basket carts.

"C" pattern the letter "C" following the model # refers to 4 swivel casters located in each corner on the bottom of the basket cart. This cart is best suited as multi-purpose and works well in many areas, specifically small tight areas with need to spin the cart. If pushing this cart in straight lines or distances it may drift from side to side and is more difficult to steer. This cart is best suited in small tight environments that require full control from all swivel casters.

"D" pattern the letter "D" following the model # refers to 2 stationary larger casters at the mid point of the the basket width and 2 smaller swivel casters in the center of each end. This pattern is in the form of a diamond. The best use for this cart is moving in a straight line like walking down a hallway pushing the cart. The cart will rock forward and back making it easier to push and travel in a straight line with it's 2 stationary casters carrying the load and not drifting you from side to side. Best used for moving distances where very tight corners are not an issue.

Cart Spring Platform Lifts are spring mounted platform bottoms fitting inside a laundry cart or tub. As the cart is loaded with weight the platform travels to the bottom of the cart. As you unload the cart the platform rises bringing the load to the top of the cart. This eliminates stooping and much is easier on your back.