Six Reasons to Switch to Reusable Plastic Shipping Solutions from STP

Durable plastic pallets from Sustainabe Transport Packaging are a sound investment for a number of manufacturing facilities. Most companies still need a final rundown regarding the top reasons they should make the jump to one of our reusable plastic shipping solutions and say goodbye to traditional wood pallet models.

Six reasons to switch to reusable plastic shipping solutions from Reusable Transport Packaging:

Reusable plastic pallets allow you to optimize all available space. When compared to traditional wood shipping pallets, nestable plastic pallet models are effective in saving space in both truck and warehouse settings.

Durable plastic pallets protect merchandise and materials in transit.Unlike wood pallets, plastic pallets are suited to preventing the growth of fungus, and they keep insect interaction limited.

Lightweight Reusable Transport Packaging pallets reduce business expenses. The expense hauling goods is affected by distance, size of goods and the weight of the cargo. This means lighter plastic pallets help reduce expenses.

Durable plastic pallets last a lot longer than traditional wood shipping pallets. When compared to a wood shipping pallet, the plastic pallets from Reusable Transport Packaging have a longer life in service.

Plastic pallets do not take up precious space in the landfill at the end of their life in service.
Durable plastic pallets are:

  • 100% recyclable.
  • Ecologically friendly.

Once a pallet is at the end of its viable shipping life or suffers irreparable damage, it can be ground down and re-molded into a new pallet.

Many reusable plastic pallets can serve more than just one purpose.The electronics industry uses plastic pallets from Reusable Transport Packaging for shipping because, in numerous cases, the pallet can serve as a display and can then be packed up and returned to the manufacturer.

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