Why You Should Reuse Your Plastic Shipping Container

Help the environment by reusing your containers

Environmental benefits:
The key benefits found in package reuse are:

  • Waste minimization.
  • Conservation of resources, including materials and energy.

Economic benefits:
Reuse of packaging offers you savings by minimizing the cost of:

  • Protective packaging.
  • Disposal of packaging.
  • Product damage during shipping and storage.

Additionally, quite a few companies report that they have uncovered additional savings associated with integrating a reusable plastic container system, including reduced expenses for:

  • Labor.
  • Freight.
  • Storage.

Four key features found in reusable transport systems:
Four primary features are typically conducive to the reuse of protective shipping containers:

  • Materials travel a short distance.
  • Frequent deliveries are expected.
  • Few parties are involved in production.
  • The company owns or uses dedicated shipping vehicles.

Four potential obstacles preventing container reuse:

  • A large initial investment.
  • Fees for the return trip can be difficult to control.
  • Many facilities lack adequate storage space for empty containers.
  • It can be difficult to get distributors, suppliers and customers all on the same page.

Options to promote reuse of shipping containers:
The difficulty or ease a company will encounter in reusing plastic shipping containers will depend on the complete supply chain through which a container will be required to pass and the total expense of:

  • Distribution.
  • Packaging materials.
  • Transport through the supply chain.
  • Handling and labor.
  • Storage and disposal.

Options to overcome obstacles associated with reuse include:

  • Industry-wide standardization.
  • Accessibility to third-party container leasing.
  • Cooperative efforts across all links in the supply chain.
  • Manufacturing containers that can be nested and stacked.
  • Government shipping guidelines that promote container reuse.