Collapsible Bulk Containers

Collapsible bulk containers are the ideal option to use for both storage and shipping of large items within the supply chain. Collapsible bulk bins are even more advantageous than traditional fixed wall plastic bulk containers, reducing return shipping expenses and making a manufacturer even more efficient. Any manufacturing company that needs to ship and store large quantities of components or inventory can benefit from using a collapsible plastic bin.

A bulk plastic bin is a container that is used to ship and store materials used in the production of inventory, as the final product. Our collapsible bulk containers have the same dimensions as a plastic pallet, meaning your product is shipped on a flat platform and the bin base sizes are standardized with a few different options available. All plastic containers are designed to fit well on warehouse forklifts, making it easy to load or unload cargo when inventory or materials are shipped.

Collapsible plastic bulk bins are made with plastic walls that set-up or knock down in seconds, folding flat on the pallet base for optimized use of storage space. Additional collapsible container benefits are very similar to the boons associated with fixed wall plastic shipping bins. Companies purchasing plastic collapsible bins should expect:

  • Reduced overall shipping expenses
  • A durable plastic bin that is suitable for reuse
  • Fantastic maneuverability and transportability
  • Optimized security of shipped and stored products and materials

To discuss our collapsible containers or to place an order, please contact us at 727.319.2300 or

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