24x16x9 Collapsible Hand Held Container

Vented Walls & Base

24x16x9 Collapsible Hand Held Container

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The Vented Collapsible Hand Held Container is a light weight, durable crate that works very well in many types of food and produce applications. Its robust construction and special "dynamic locks", make this a safe and easy to use sustainable packaging crate. Made from fully recyclable materials, this crate is easy to clean, resists moisture, insects, fungi and is impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odors. An ideal choice to maximize your freight and storage space.

Vented Collapsible Hand Held Containers
Exterior Dimensions Length 23.7 / 600mm
Width 15.7" / 400mm
Height 8.6" / 219mm
Interior Dimensions Length 22.7" / 572mm
Width 14.8" / 376mm
Height 8.26" / 210mm
Collapsed Height 1.9" / 48mm
Container Volume 1.60 ft³ / 0.05 m³
Container Capacity 44.09 lbs / 202 kg
Available Colors Gray
Stack Height Up to 10
Truckload Quantity (Collapsed) 53' Truck n/a
40' ISO Container Std. 7,875
Material PP
Tare Weight 4.01 lbs / 1.82 kg

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