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Six Reasons to Switch to Plastic Pallets

Durable plastic pallets from Reusable Transport Packaging are a sound investment for a number of manufacturing facilities. Most companies still need a final rundown regarding the top reasons they should make the jump to one of our reusable plastic shipping solutions and say goodbye to traditional wood pallet models.

Reusable Plastic Shipping Solutions in the Supply Chain

The supply chain is becoming increasingly complex. With product and material life cycles shrinking and demands from customers rising, manufacturing companies are seeking a way to manage their supply chain successfully for improved profitability.

Reusable plastic packaging from Reusable Transport Packaging can and will improve the movement of products along the supply chain in nearly all industries, allowing a business to reduce expenses and achieve optimization.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

It is time for you to reduce, reuse and recycle! These reusable plastic bins and containers from Reusable Transport Packaging are speedily replacing expendable corrugated boxes in a number of manufacturing and distribution settings. A substantial percentage of Fortune 500 companies have instituted environmental sustainability mandates, many of which include integrating returnable plastic packaging.

Recycled Lumber Pallets

In 2015, wood pallets still dominate the shipping pallet market. Still, pallets made at least partially from recycled plastics or aluminum are necessary when used in certain operations and markets. The industry in charge of pallet production is always searching for cost effective materials that can be used as a viable alternative to traditional wood when manufacturing new pallets for shipping. Recycled plastic lumber is a feasible substitute for pallets carried and marketed and marketed in the United States.

Pros & Cons of Different Pallets

In an earlier entry regarding pallet type, we mentioned the importance of choosing the best pallet for the job. In this piece, we will review in greater detail on the positives and negatives associated with different types of shipping pallets.

Proper Stabilization of a Pallet Stack

Here are some ways that you can properly stabilize your pallet stack in order to make sure your inventory is secured and protected. Tips include banding and the use of plastic shrink wrap. These helpful tips can help to minimize the chance for damaged cargo.

Produce Storage Bins Q&A

Here are some common questions specialists from Sustainable Transport Packaging suggest business owners ask when employing plastic produce boxes. Please note that we also included a number of reasons why plastic produce containers are better suited for a range of performance and cost benefits

Plastics for Your Facility

Investing again and again in single-use expendable cardboard shipping totes, packaging materials and easily damaged wood pallets is not a wise choice for many manufacturing companies. More light is shed on the concept when you consider that a company will then have to invest additional cash to either repair or dispose of the expendable shipping solution.

Pallets FAQ

A list of frequently asked questions regarding pallets.

Export Pallets vs. Warehouse Pallets

Understand when it's best to use export pallets versus warehouse pallets.