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Your Questions About Our Collapsible Bulk Containers, Answered!

Our experts answer frequently asked questions about Sustainable Transport Packaging's collapsible bulk containers.

How to Pack a Pallet

Pack your shipment correctly to prevent damaged freight!

Understanding Reusable Plastic Packaging

Reusable plastic packaging improves the way products flow along the supply chain, thereby reducing costs for the business.

Recycling Explained Through the Life of a Recycled Aluminum Soda Can

Did you know that the total energy saved in recycling a single can is enough to power a flat panel television for three to four hours?

Why Choose Collapsible Bulk Containers?

Why should I make the switch to collapsible bulk containers instead of my cardboard boxes?

Reusable Plastic Packaging Spells Success in the Food Industry

Reusable plastic packaging helps improve the flow of materials and finished products along food and beverage supply chains for enhanced food safety, reduced risk of damage, upgraded standards of cleanliness and enhanced supply chain performance

Reasons to Invest in Our Industrial Plastic Pallets

Industrial plastic pallets come with positive properties that should help your manufacturing company.

Learn More About Dunnage

Protective dunnage from Sustainable Transport Packaging is custom designed for each part and application to optimize density per pack and ensure product quality.

X Frame Laundry Cart

X-frame laundry baskets are manufactured from superior materials to offer long life in service in a number of wildly different settings. The point is that the durable folding carts allow people to get their job accomplished speedily and efficiently!