X-Frame Carts

X-Frame Carts

X-frame laundry baskets are manufactured from superior materials to offer long life in service in a number of wildly different settings. The point is that the durable folding carts allow people to get their job accomplished speedily and efficiently!

Folding x-frame laundry baskets are composed of an abrasion resistant white canvas basket liner and casters, which are easy to clean on both the outside and inside. All durable heavyweight canvas used in liner production is treated with a water repellant chemical to minimize liquid and weather damage.

Removable, super-strong vinyl liner

  • Collapsible, lightweight 1" steel tubular frame
  • Standard 3" polyolefin casters
  • Ships economically via UPS or FedEx
  • Laundry cart is lightweight yet rugged; smooth surface for easy cleaning. Folds in seconds for storage. Features a vinyl collection bag and a push handle at each end. Non-marking casters help laundry cart maneuver well in tight places. Measures 22"L x 25-1/2"W x 36-1/5"H. Replacement vinyl bags are available.

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8bu Vinyl X-Frame Cart Replacement Liner 8bu Replacement Vinyl Liner for X-Frame Cart
Replacement Liner Only
8bu Vinyl X-Frame Cart 8bu Vinyl X-Frame Cart
X Frame with optional "Pool Towel" logo