Insulated Containers

Insulated Containers

Help maintain product freshness and secure it from its environment and elements! It is simple to keep products and materials fresh and safe! All of the insulated containers are made from FDA/USDA food approved materials and offers temperature control and protection for a variety of applications.

Insulated bins and containers from Reusable Transport Packaging are a type of packaging used for the shipping of a number of temperature sensitive products. The polyethylene containers are used as part of a cold chain to ensure product freshness and efficacy remain intact. Materials typically shipped in insulated containers include:

  • Chemicals
  • Food products
  • Some pharmaceuticals

Insulated bulk plastic containers are a favorite with our customers due to their thermal properties, which keep products frozen over an extended period without the use dry ice. It is also possible for our team members to help secure insulated plastic bulk containers specifically designed for defrosting, chilling, onboard handling, live transport, frozen food and dry ice transport.

Each Reusable Transport Packaging insulated container is produced with durability in mind and is roto-molded from a rugged polyethylene and a smooth outer shell devoid of air-sucking joints. With a minimum of two inches of foam acting as insulation between double walls, you have the nearest thing to the perfect shipping and storage container for your products.

Reusable Transport Packaging offers insulated containers in the following styles:
  • Insulated bins
  • Insulated bulk containers
  • Insulated chest style containers
  • Insulated upright delivery carts

To discuss our insulated containers or to place an order, please contact us at 727.319.2300 or

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