Sleeve Pack Containers

Sleeve Pack Containers

Sleeve packs, also known as plastic gaylords, are an economical and lightweight alternative to heavy older molded plastic bulk containers. The Sustainable Transport Packaging sleeve pack bulk container is comprised of two mirror image pallets and a fold-up reusable sleeve. The pallet/top cap design allows for maximized cube utilization in trailers. Foldable sleeves can be made out of paper or plastic corrugated materials, with customized features designed to meet a myriad of applications.

Options include:

  • Drop doors.
  • Split-sleeve configurations.
  • Locks.
  • Screen printing for branding.
  • Multiple custom heights.

Contact one of our Sustainable Transport Packaging representative who are ready and willing to answer your questions regarding sleeve pack bulk containers and provide you with a speedy and accurate quote. Please call us at 727.319.2300 or email us at

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