40x48x31 Vented Fixed Wall Bulk Container

40x48x31 Vented Fixed Wall Bulk Container
40x48x31 Vented Fixed Wall Bulk Container40x48x31 Vented Fixed Wall Bulk Container
  • Longer container life - less frequent repair and replacement
  • Tough yet lightweight - move them by hand when empty
  • Stackable - patented interlocking corners allow safe stacking up to ten high
  • Compact storage - nest three containers to save storage space and transport costs
  • Completely sanitary - can be high-pressure washed and sterilized
  • HDPE plastic - UV protected for outdoor use and fully recyclable
  • Meets USDA/HACCP standards for food product handling
  • More vent slots - for faster cooling and processing times
  • Does not harbor - splinters, pests, pathogens, mold or other undesirable elements like wood bins
  • Consistent, more accurate tare weight - than wood containers that absorb excess moisture and water

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  • Product Information:

Our fixed wall containers are perfect for shipping and storing of all types of goods. Available with solid or vented side walls and base these robust containers can stand up to the most demanding requirements. Strong enough to stack up to 10 containers high with 1,500lbs per container and yet light enough to be moved by hand.

Fixed Wall Bulk Container Specifications
Outside Dimensions 48 x 40 x 31 / 1200mm x 1000mm x 787mm
Inside Dimensions 45 x 36.75 x 25.75 / 1143mm x 933mm x 654mm
Weight Capacity 1,500 lbs. / 680kg
Internal Volume 20.4 bushels, 190 U.S. gallons, 25.4 cubic feet / 719 liters
Stack Load 14,000 lbs. / 6,350 kg
Tare Weight 89 lbs. / 41kg
Stack Height Up to 10
Material High-density polyethylene structural foam
Runners Available on 40" side
53' Truck Capacity 150 containers

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