Solid Deck / Capacity 2000lbs

32x30x18 Fixed Wall Bulk Container

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32” x 30” x 18” Fixed Wall Bulk Container

Sustainable Transport Packaging offers an unmatched selection of reusable fixed wall bulk containers that are designed to cut total business packaging expenses and improve the employee material handling experience. Tough plastic bulk containers are made to be durable and are designed to survive more than one trip through a business supply chain. This style bulk container has been manufactured to be used more than once without there being any impairment to how it functions because container reuse is a vital consideration.

Fixed wall plastic bulk containers are ideal when a closed loop logistic system ensures that a container will return to its point of origination. Durable plastic bulk containers like the 32” x 30” x 18” model are made on the smallest standard footprint available in the industry. Each fixed wall container is ideal for transportation and storage of:

  • Textiles.
  • Hardware.
  • Metal parts.
  • Plastic parts.
  • Ball bearings.
  • Metal stampings.
  • Automobile parts.
  • Resin and powder.
  • Metal components.
  • Industrial equipment.

Fixed wall 32” x 30” x 18” plastic containers allow a large load to be delivered directly to an assembly line. This allows materials to be used immediately with only a small amount of time spent unwrapping the shipment for use in the assembly process.

During both shipping and storage, fixed wall plastic bulk containers can be stacked when full or nested when empty to optimize the use of all available space. These tough containers are produced to make loading, moving, shipping and storage of products easier!

32” x 30” x 18” fixed wall bulk plastic containers are:

  • Rated to carry up to 2,000 lb.
  • Shorter than collapsible containers.
  • Designed with non-collapsible walls.
  • Made from high density polyethylene.
  • Perfect for any load with high weight and low volume requirements.

To build a plan for choosing the right fixed wall plastic bulk container or attain extra information regarding our full line of reusable shipping products, please contact our team at 727.319.2300 or

Bulk Box Container specifications

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Standard (default) color is black unless otherwise stated. Please contact us for availability if other color or door configuration is desired.

Collapsible Bulk Container Specifications
Exterior Dimensions Length (A) 32"/812.8 mm
Width (B) 30"/762 mm
Height (c) 18"/457.2 mm
Interior Dimensions Length (D) 29.2"/741.7 mm
Width (E) 27.3"/693.4 mm
Product Clearance 11.5"/292.1 mm
Drop Door Options N/A
32" Side Drop Door Dimensions Width N/A
Height N/A
Container Volume 5.4 ft3/0.15 m3
Container Capacity 2000 lb/900 kg
Stack Height Static / Dynamic 6/5
Tare Weight 50 lb/22.5 kg
Collapsed Height Fixed Wall
Return Ratio 1:1
32" Side Fork Opening Dims Width (I) 10.23"/259.8 mm
Height (H) 3.44"/87.4 mm
30" Side Fork Opening Dims Width (I) 7.12"/180.8 mm
Height (H) 2.25"/57.2 mm
Truckload Quantity (Collapsed) 53' with cover/no cover N/A
Truckload Quantity (Open) 53' with cover/no cover 300
40' ISO Container (Collapsed) Std. with cover/no cover N/A
40' ISO Container (Open) Std. with cover/no cover 210

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