45x48x44 Collapsible Bulk Container

Vented Deck / Capacity 1500lbs

45x48x44 Collapsible Bulk Container
45x48x44 Collapsible Bulk Container

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45” x 48” x 44” Collapsible Bulk Container Vented Deck 1,500 lb. Capacity

Efficiency and excellent performance in a shipping solution need to be the focus for nearly all production companies with ongoing transport, storage and sustainability requirements. It is not an issue to approach each of the three on its own, but it makes a lot more sense to find an answer that satisfies all three in one attempt. All 45” x 48” x 44” collapsible wall bulk bins:

  • Secure contents.
  • Promote efficiency.
  • Encourage sustainability.

Collapsible style bulk shipping containers are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), allowing them to be reused for multiple trips without there being any damage done to their protective functions. Polyethylene is popular because it allows containers to remain in service for a decade or more, whereas corrugated or wood containers enter landfills quickly.

Foldable containers improve comfort and efficiency in the workplace by sporting smooth model corners, a drop door for fast access and a built-in latch for quick set-up or break-down. Nearly all first-time foldable bin users can prep a unit for filling or a return trip to the manufacturing facility in no more than five minutes.

45” x 48” x 44” collapsible container models are ideal for the secure transport and storage of:

  • Rubber.
  • Textiles.
  • Chemicals.
  • Paper products.
  • Automotive components.
  • Plastic molded components.

45” x 48” x 44” vented deck collapsible bins are a take on the 45” x 48” HDPE footprint initially introduced to the automotive industry. Containers are popular because they allow hefty loads to be delivered directly to the production line, enabling their immediate use with minimal time spent unwrapping the shipment for use in assembly.

45” x 48” x 44” models offer protection to all contents when walls are an upright and locked position using the built-in latches in each unit. The durable wall and latches on each container ensure it maintains its shape during its journey in the supply chain and that all contents retain their integrity. Please note that content protection and safe stacking can be aided by adding one of the detachable polyethylene lids that are available for most collapsible bulk containers.

To develop a plan for choosing the best collapsible wall plastic bulk container or gather extra information regarding our full line of reusable shipping products, please contact our team at 727.319.2300 or sales@reusabletranspack.com.

These containers are ideal for: Aluminum Components, Appliance Components, Automotive Components, Blow Molded Bottles, Chemicals, Computers & Peripherals, Industrial Equipment Components, Industrial Suppliers, Paper Products, PET Preforms, Plastic Molded Components and Parts, Rubber, Snack Food Applications, Subassemblies, Textiles, Vacuum Formed Food Trays and more!

Bulk Box Container specifications

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Standard (default) color is black unless otherwise stated. Standard two drop-door configuration is with doors located on ‘long-sides’ of container. Please contact us for availability if other color or door configuration is desired.

Collapsible Bulk Container Specifications
Exterior DimensionsLength (A) 48"/1219.2 mm
Width (B) 45"/1143 mm
Height (c) 44"/1117.6 mm
Interior DimensionsLength (D) 44.3"/1125.2 mm
Width (E) 41.5"/1054.1 mm
Product Clearance 37.5"/952.5 mm
Drop Door Options 0, 1, 2
48" Side Drop Door DimensionsWidth 30.5"/774.7 mm
Height 15"/381 mm
40" Side Drop Door DimensionsWidth N/A
Height N/A
Container Volume 39.9 ft3/1.12 m3
Container Capacity 1500 lb/675 kg
Stack HeightStatic / Dynamic 4/2
Tare Weight 164 lb/73.8 kg
Collapsed Height 25.1"/637.5 mm
Return Ratio 1.9:1
48" Side Fork Opening DimsWidth (I) 9.6"/243.8 mm
Height (H) 3.5"/88.9 mm
45" Side Fork Opening DimsWidth (I) 9.6"/243.8 mm
Height (H) 3.5"/88.9 mm
Truckload Quantity (Collapsed)53' with cover/no cover 104
Truckload Quantity (Open)53' with cover/no cover 52
40' ISO Container (Collapsed)Std. with cover/no cover 72
40' ISO Container (Open)Std. with cover/no cover 36

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