45x48x48 Collapsible Bulk Container

Vented Deck / Capacity 1500lbs

45x48x48 Collapsible Bulk Container
45x48x48 Collapsible Bulk Container

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45x48x48 Collapsible Bulk Container - Vented Deck

1,500 lb. Capacity

Efficiency and exceptional performance in reusable shipping solution options always need to be a chief concern for a company with an ongoing desire for:

  • Sustainability.
  • Secure storage.
  • Protected transport.

It is possible to find a solution suited for each of the three individually, but you can minimize capital spent on packaging and improve material handling performance if you find a single bin. 45” x 48” x 48” collapsible wall bulk bins provide an affirmative answer for the checklist by:

  • Improving in-plant ergonomics.
  • Securing an assortment of materials.
  • Promoting sustainability with a polyethylene construction.

45” x 48” x 48” foldable bulk containers are manufactured to meet the needs of businesses that need substantial loads hauled from point to point, with little delay in between. The ultimate goal is to permit the expedient use of materials with only a small amount of time spent unwrapping and unloading the shipment for use. Bin models are produced from durable polyethylene to ensure a unit will survive and thrive under rigorous conditions. High density polyethylene (HDPE) ensures you that the bin will:

  • Last 10 – 15 years longer than cardboard.
  • Result in a 100% recyclable material at the end of its useful life.
  • Minimize the amount of wood or cardboard entering a local landfill.

All walls on 45” x 48” x 48” collapsible bin models include built-in latches that prevent the container walls from collapsing until you choose to release the mechanism. Foldable bulk shipping containers can be prepared for filling or collapsed for optimized use of storage space in a trailer or warehouse in about 3 – 5 minutes.

The user of a bulk bin just needs to:

  • Release all latches.
  • Fold/collapse each wall.
  • Tuck the unit away until it is needed again.

45” x 48” x 48” collapsible plastic bin models with a load capacity of 1,500 lb. are suitable for the secure/safe transport and storage of:

  • PET preforms.
  • Blow molded bottles.
  • Automotive components.
  • Plastic molded components.

Note that detachable bin lids are available for purchase to improve further the stacking and protective qualities of each unit.

Please note that all collapsible bulk shipping containers are available in black ONLY unless otherwise noted.

To develop a plan for choosing the best collapsible wall plastic bulk container or gather extra information regarding our full line of reusable shipping products, please contact our team at 727.319.2300 or sales@reusabletranspack.com.

Bulk Box Container specifications

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Standard (default) color is black unless otherwise stated. Standard two drop-door configuration is with doors located on ‘long-sides’ of container. Please contact us for availability if other color or door configuration is desired.

Collapsible Bulk Container Specifications
Exterior DimensionsLength (A) 48"/1219.2 mm
Width (B) 45"/1143 mm
Height (c) 48"/1219.2 mm
Interior DimensionsLength (D) 44.3"/1125.2 mm
Width (E) 41.5"/1054.1 mm
Product Clearance 41.5"/1054.1 mm
Drop Door Options 0, 1, 2
48" Side Drop Door DimensionsWidth 30.5"/774.7 mm
Height 15"/381 mm
40" Side Drop Door DimensionsWidth N/A
Height N/A
Container Volume 44.2 ft3/1.24 m3
Container Capacity 1500 lb/675 kg
Stack HeightStatic / Dynamic 4/2
Tare Weight 175 lb/78.8 kg
Collapsed Height 27.1"/688.3 mm
Return Ratio 1.8:1
48" Side Fork Opening DimsWidth (I) 9.6"/243.8 mm
Height (H) 3.5"/88.9 mm
45" Side Fork Opening DimsWidth (I) 9.6"/243.8 mm
Height (H) 3.5"/88.9 mm
Truckload Quantity (Collapsed)53' with cover/no cover 78
Truckload Quantity (Open)53' with cover/no cover 52
40' ISO Container (Collapsed)Std. with cover/no cover 54
40' ISO Container (Open)Std. with cover/no cover 36

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