45x48x42 Collapsible Bulk Container

Vented Deck / Capacity 1700lbs

45x48x42 Collapsible Bulk Container
45x48x42 Collapsible Bulk Container

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45” x 48” x 42” Collapsible Bulk Container Vented Deck 1,700 lb. Capacity

Efficiency and high-quality performance in a shipping solution will be a key requirement of nearly all companies with long-term, substantial shipping and storage requirements. It is not challenging to approach each of these issues on their own, but it makes more sense to find one product that is secure for the shipping and storage of goods and component materials. 45” x 48” x 42” collapsible or foldable wall bulk wall containers are the durable option that fits the bill! All models allow you to lessen the cash spent shipping full bins to their final destination and collapsed bins back to the manufacturer, bins also improve the speed and comfort levels for employees.

Collapsible shipping bins were initially introduced to the auto industry in a high density polyethylene (HDPE) 45” x 48” footprint for transporting quantities of heavy parts for work in process or storage. Polyethylene allows collapsible containers to remain in service for at least ten or fifteen years, promoting sustainability by limiting the total amount of expendable packaging entering a landfill.

All 45” x 48” x 42” vented deck collapsible containers are made from the odorless/durable high density polyethylene (HDPE) to ensure the following:

  • A consistent finish.
  • Protection from the elements.
  • Protection from potential impact damage.

Polyethylene also guarantees a collapsible or foldable bulk container is returnable and fully recyclable for a better return on your investment.

45” x 48” x 42” collapsible bin models offer protection for inventory and component materials when its walls are locked in the up position using built-in latches. It is true the unit walls collapse, but they will not do as such unless the latches are intentionally released. Rugged walls also ensure the container maintains its shape in the midst of transport and that all contents maintain their quality. It is helpful to maintain a solid understanding of additional key elements that make collapsible HDPE containers a smart decision for your facility:

  • Bins sport 4-way fork access.
  • Containers are fitted with drop doors.
  • Collapsible bins include built-in latches.
  • Models are often aesthetically pleasing.
  • Anyone can quickly prepare a bin for use.
  • Bins are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.
  • Collapsible bins improve productivity in work in process situations.
  • Models stack multiple units high when collapsed for the return trip.
  • Collapsible containers allow you to optimize the storage space in a trailer or warehouse.

Please make note that detachable polyethylene lids are available for almost all collapsible plastic shipping container models. The raised surface of the plastic lid offers additional stability when you choose to stack with compatible shipping containers.

To build a plan for choosing the best collapsible wall plastic bulk container or gather extra information regarding our full line of reusable shipping products, please contact our team at 727.319.2300 or sales@reusabletranspack.com.

Bulk Box Container specifications

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Standard (default) color is black unless otherwise stated. Standard two drop-door configuration is with doors located on ‘long-sides’ of container. Please contact us for availability if other color or door configuration is desired.

Collapsible Bulk Container Specifications
Exterior DimensionsLength (A) 48"/1219.2 mm
Width (B) 45"/1143 mm
Height (c) 42"/1066.8 mm
Interior DimensionsLength (D) 44.3"/1125.2 mm
Width (E) 41.5"/1054.1 mm
Product Clearance 35.5"/901.7 mm
Drop Door Options 0, 1, 2
48" Side Drop Door DimensionsWidth 30.5"/774.7 mm
Height 15"/381 mm
40" Side Drop Door DimensionsWidth N/A
Height N/A
Container Volume 37.8 ft3/1.06 m3
Container Capacity 1700 lb/765 kg
Stack HeightStatic / Dynamic 4/2
Tare Weight 161 lb/72.5 kg
Collapsed Height 21.1"/535.9 mm
Return Ratio 2:01
48" Side Fork Opening DimsWidth (I) 9.6"/243.8 mm
Height (H) 3.5"/88.9 mm
45" Side Fork Opening DimsWidth (I) 9.6"/243.8 mm
Height (H) 3.5"/88.9 mm
Truckload Quantity (Collapsed)53' with cover/no cover 130
Truckload Quantity (Open)53' with cover/no cover 52
40' ISO Container (Collapsed)Std. with cover/no cover 90
40' ISO Container (Open)Std. with cover/no cover 36

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